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To celebrate Labor Day

Dear old and new customers, suppliers, family members:

        You guys! Thank you for your support and love for Xinzheng Company. May Day holiday is coming. According to the relevant departments and the actual situation of our company, our holiday season is: April 30, May 1, 5 Month 2 days, a total of three days; May 3 normal work. We are advised not to arrange for duty and delivery during this period. We are pleased to inform you of any inconvenience.


1, please the head of the department in advance to organize a good security inspection before the holiday, and do a good job of fire, anti-theft investigation;

         2, during the holiday, please keep the mobile phone communication;

         3, during the holiday need to go out of the staff should pay attention to their own personal safety and financial security, happy to spend the holidays.

Shun wish new and old customers, suppliers: May you happy auspicious, happy well - being!
Miss Chen
Miss Jian
Miss Zhao
Suzhou Liu
Sichuan Liu
Yang Sheng 新葡京国际娱乐
Chen Sheng