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Chicken years


We went through another year again.

Another piece of the opening of the new year's reincarnation,

All things recovery, winter to spring.

The first working day of the year,

Be so excited

Today is the beginning of the New Year, is also a good day to start, commonly known as "perfect". Firecrackers He Xinxi, Ruixin Zhaofeng years, spent a happy, peaceful and relaxed after the Spring Festival holiday, we once again returned to the job, meet in this spring and happy, festive is thick moments!

We started working, small partners are lucky old chicken!


     After the first day of work, if there is anything to make everyone feel depressed suddenly excited, probably only big red money. Is the drop, we gave this surprise played a nice name: open the door red envelope!


     The following boss ready to send red envelopes, you are not ready? See the little partners have long been ready Oh There are red envelopes and small partners have queued to receive red envelopes Shun wish the company booming, business is booming, financial resources into the ... ...

     Xin is the company's BOSS personally to each colleagues to send a good red envelope, meaning "good color", to pass a good blessing.


     Years after the opening of the red envelope is not received soft? Is it full of work and full of energy? See friends smile to know very happy very satisfied ... ...

     But also not enough red envelopes of mobile phone WeChat again to grab ... ... grab acridine grab, fight to grab! The best way to re-connected, the beginning of the year when the most cool ... ... ha ha! The Did you receive a "open bonus" today?


In this holiday, we harvest a full family, friendship, love and joy, it should not stop there, but should continue to stretch, as we work in 2017 the most powerful driving force. Good start is half of the success, after the holiday to work, Xin is the partner with a full of mental outlook and positive work attitude to meet the new year, let us continue to work together to create brilliant.

New year, the new start, set foot on the new journey, 2017 big "chicken" Italy, Xin is the company will grand exhibition, the impact of higher goals!
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