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Xin is "the 14th anniversary of the factory" badminton game ended successfully

Xin is "the 14th anniversary of the factory" badminton game ended successfully

To celebrate the company's 14th anniversary; January 6 at 8:10 am, "Xin is Cup" badminton game officially kicked off.

Athletes oath, referee oath to observe discipline, respect for the referee, a fair ruling, impartial law enforcement, never favoritism ... ... under the leadership of the general manager of the Games officially began.

Badminton court, the audience are holding their breath, only to hear the "bang bang" hit the ball, the passion of the scene was lit. The game scene is very intense, all contestants are not hesitate to fully play their own superb skills to the most incisive, constantly attracted the audience bursts of screams. Let us review the following wonderful game.

The game, you release the passion, bloom style

Sweat, filling the spirit of sports

Hearty, won the full house cheers

        After a day of fierce competition, the Games have been a complete success. The competition has been the strong support and active participation of the partners, the team, whether in the work or in the game with the cooperation, and always work together, bravely first, exciting scenes frequently presented at the same time, through badminton games, To create a strong atmosphere of the factory, enriching the amateur cultural life of workers, and promote the company's national fitness campaign to carry out a wide range. Happy birthday 14th birthday. Thanksgiving people from all walks of life to Xin are all help and strong support of the partners, thanks to all the dedication of the family is Xin. Zhu Xinzheng business is booming, financial resources into the wide.
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