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Advantages of UV inks

1) does not contain volatile organic solvents, pollution is small, does not damage human health, solid content of 100%, there is no solvent due to evaporation and printing ink thickness before and after the inconsistency of the problem;

     2) UV ink is not blocked network, is conducive to fine product printing;

     3) printing, do not worry about the solvent on the substrate damage, UV ink quality and stability, dry ink film gloss is good, and the ink film wear, water, oil, solvent resistance is good;

     4) UV ink instantaneous drying, can organize fast printing production line, greatly improving the printing efficiency;

     5) Save ink when printing, solvent-based ink can print about 50 ㎡ per kilogram, and UV ink in the same circumstances can be printed 70 square meters.

     6) UV ink relative to the traditional physical properties of the ink is stable, non-flammable, no explosion hazard, non-corrosive and volatile, slightly odor, transport can be transported by ordinary goods.

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